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Using a collaborative approach, we garner the power of dynamic young people, from different spaces of influence, interest and background, to source key insights that are relevant to your brand, business or challenge.


Using the Springbreak process, we co-create and mould innovative, relevant ideas and solutions for your company's question by understanding the root cause and consequence.


Our diverse group of dynamic young people are not only problem solvers and idea creators, but implementers right up to launch phase. This is achieved through our well designed SpringRefinery and SpringBOARD process. (Give it a try and be prepared to be blown away:0)

About Us

SpringAGE comes up with real insights, fresh ideas and implementation capability, for corporate organizations, using dynamic, young people as a key resource.

We believe in..

  • Working with organisations that take South Africa forward
  •  Innovation is a learning process
  • Creating something
  • Starting from our individual motivator
  • Acknowledging that we are all part of the problem therefore can be part of the solution
  • Connecting you with the outside world


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Meet the Spring Creators

Raelene Rorke and Neliswa Fente - better known as Rae and Nels are high school buddies who are extremely positive about the growth of South Africa and the youth's role in making it happen!

Neliswa Fente
Raelene Rorke

What We Do

In 3 simple steps!

  • Step 1

    1. Get an urgent and mutually attractive question (that moves South Africa forward).

  • Step 2

    2. Recruit bright, critically-thinking young minds to partner with us in answering the question.

  • Step 3

    3.SpringBREAK: Come up with 3-5 solutions that solve the root cause.  


Keep updated with our latest news and SpringBREAKS!

Our Clients

What Our Clients Have To Say…

  • "There were 6 brilliant ideas generated from the process, nothing that we thought of. I personally sat in on the session that was facilitated by the SpringAGE team, the liberty team got an opportunity to engage and listen to the delegates. I was blown away by the calibre of delegates sourced by SpringAGE as our brief was to source learners in grade 11 and 12 that were leaders in their schools or communities in Mthatha/Qunu area. We got what we asked for and more- the quality of the conversation was solid. I would definitely use SpringAGE again- we are planning to engage SpringAGE later this year"

    Killy Bacela

    Retail SA: Emerging Consumer Market Head of Marketing

    "Our experience with SpringAGE was very positive and I would strongly recommend their services for any organization looking for a fresh approach to tackle challenges or opportunities. If you require an external organization to provide new insights and strategies I would not hesitate to recommend bringing in SpringAGE" - (Full testimonial on entire SpringBREAK process available on request).

    Loic Potjes

    Country President, South Africa

  • "This very important collaboration between SAB and SpringAGE, brings us together with some bright young minds from across the country, where we get to have a perspective on the use of alcohol use in the country. The good thing about that is that we usually conceptualize from within our company, but it is really important to include young people. We need a reality check and understand what's important to them"

    Ksheka Singh

    Alcohol Program Specialist

    “We partnered with SpringAGE to learn about what youth think about health and wellness and I’m inspired. SpringAGE was a great partner in this. Today was awesome. I look forward to continuing the relationship”

    Craig Weitz

    Director Research & Development

  • "It is important that young people are given the platform to not only think but also to act, and I think SpringBREAKS are that platform where great ideas come together and the we facilitate so that these ideas turn into action"

    Fernando de Sousa

    Head of Microsoft4Afrika

    "A structured approach called a SpringBREAK was used, which ensured that the session was practical, rather than theoretical. The approach generated a number of fresh ideas that have revolutionized the way that we work. We came up with tangible actions, that we have now implemented, producing real business benefit."

    Melanie Johnson

    Vodacom Executive Head of HR Services

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